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Cages trap

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The Trap Cages are used for predation control or pests. The cages can be used in Game Reserves, Natural Parks, Neighborhood Communities, Pest Control Companies, City Halls, Airports ...

These cages are highly effective in capture prey. Being highly recommended to do so without the animal suffering any damage, or being able to escape. Their methodology makes them leaders in the market.

In Jauteco we have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of Trap Cages, patenting a system that is in high demand for its high probability of catching the animal, as well as for its respect for it.

The characteristics of these cages are adapted to the animal to be captured. The Trap Cages are designed in every detail to attract the specific animal, such as the green with which it is painted to capture animals in the open field, or the bright silver for the Magpies, birds that are attracted by the brightness.

The purpose of the corridor with an entrance and exit door is so that the animal does not feel overwhelmed when entering. This way you will walk naturally with the intention of going for the bait crossing the hallway, immediately caught when you step on the rocker.

To notice the natural soil it can be covered with earth. The guillotine closing mechanism is very simple, because when you step on the rocker the doors will fall. The results obtained make our Capture Cages with Rocker the First in the European Market.

Each cage has specific characteristics, some include the possibility of introducing a live bait into a compartment (protected from attack) and in others the strong smell of a food is enough to use it as bait. For foxes it is recommended the Vulpenson attractant.

They comply with all regulations

In case of capturing an unwanted animal, we can release it from the Cage without suffering any damage. These products respect any norm or legislation on the treatment of animals. Our Trap Cages do not mistreat you.

The Trap Cages are reinforced to prevent damage or possible breakdown by animals. The traps are made of materials that avoid injuring the captured prey.

Visit the Traps regularly to prevent the captured animal from suffering from unnecessary hunger or exposure. Making an animal suffer unnecessarily, in addition to being immoral, is severely punished by law.

Trap cages with the following characteristics:

▸They do not mistreat or injure the animal.
▸Reinforced traps, to avoid damage or rupture by the animal.
▸Possibility of releasing the captured animal without suffering for it, nor danger for the human.
▸ Natural capture method, with simple assembly and highly effective.
▸Complies with all regulations and laws on the treatment of animals.

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