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Tapes and Cables

Tapes and cables are the necessary products to perimeter a terrain, thus preventing the passage of animals.

These products allow the passage of electrical current through them, from an energizer. When the animal contacts them, it will receive an electric shock that will prevent it and avoid going through it.

At Jauteco we have a wide variety of tapes and cables, each one suitable for a specific series of animals and a type of fence. The correct choice of these will allow the protection of the land.

The description of each product will indicate the amount of electrical energy that it can transfer.

Each tape or cable will be composed of its own elements, using different materials according to their functions.

The colors of the tapes and cables will make it visible, even at night allowing it to be seen by the human, thus avoiding danger.

The measures will be different according to the chosen product, in several the buyer will have the option of choosing the desired one.

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