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Animals transport

Animal Transport Cages allow us to have flexibility when it comes to moving and transporting animals from one place to another.

These cages are designed with resistant materials, avoiding the rupture of the same and the escape by the animals.

Each cage has specific characteristics according to the animal species and its function. An incorrect use of these cages can cause damage to both the material and the animal itself.

These products contain all the necessary accessories for the animal to perform its basic functions. Thus having incorporated accessories such as feeder and drinker.

Since prehistoric times, humans have had the need to transport their animals on long journeys. The creation of cages allowed to do it safely, as well as comfortably. With the passage of time the resistance of these objects improved, as well as their characteristics, making the Cages a necessary product for any human who loves animals.

In hunting, the use of these to enclose prey or to transport animals, make them essential.

These Transport Boxes comply with the regulations of the Animal Protection Law.

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